Types of Insurance

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Farm Guard Insurance

The Farm-Guard® protects the members of your household against financial disaster from accidents or injuries occuring on your farm - whether as a farm owner or tenant.

The policy provides a broad range of standar coverages as well as a variety of optional coverages to customize protection to fit your farming operation.

Farm Umbrella Insurance

Who would sue you for a million dollars? The fact is, anyone could. Although million-dollar lawsuits were rare until a few years ago, large suits are becoming all too common.

Grinnell Mutual offers you a simple, low-cost way to protect yourself and your family - a Farm Umbrella policy.

Residential Home Insurance

If you believe your house is more than a structure, we agree. It’s a home where you raise your children, spend your time, and make lasting memories. Whether you need renters insurance or homeowners insurance for your mobile home or permanent dwelling, we have coverage to protect your home and what you keep inside. Special property coverage is available for your treasured items like jewelry and art.

Recreational Vehicles

Whether you prefer to ride solo on the trails or you seek adventure with neighbors, family, and friends, you value your leisure time. So do we. That’s why we offer sport vehicle insurance for your peace of mind without the hassle of purchasing separate policies for your snowmobile, motorcycle, scooter, golf cart, and all-terrain vehicles. With one customized auto policy from Grinnell Mutual, you can insure all of your eligible recreational vehicles. You now have fewer policies, better coverage, more options, and better ATV rates.


You work hard. You play hard. Just like you and your family depend upon your car or truck to take you to work, school, or to your favorite get away, you can also depend upon Grinnell Mutual’s car insurance to protect you wherever you go.

From personal claims service you can count on, to flexible billing options, Grinnell Mutual still believes in putting the customer first. If your vehicles and home or farm are damaged from the same event, you save money by paying only one deductible when you’re insured by both Grinnell Mutual and your local FarMutual’s insurance company. Ask about our cost-saving package discounts or credits for being a safe driver.

Business and Commercial

In the towns we're from, there is no such thing as a small business. It's not small to the owner. It's not small to the families who depend on it either. That's why we work a little closer with our customers to help you manage risk and insure your financial future. We have programs that are tailored to your type of business, as well as a portfolio of products to customize your coverage. The way we look at it, when you succeed, everyone succeeds.